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Chef recommendations
  1. Our Famous Ojiya Udon
    Our Famous Ojiya Udon
  2. #1 seller Carbonara Udon
    #1 seller Carbonara Udon
  3. Kitsune Udon 🌱vegetarian/vegan options are available
    Kitsune Udon 🌱vegetarian/vegan options are available
  4. Fired Hiroshima Oysters
    Fired Hiroshima Oysters
  5. Cream Cheese and Tofu with Strawberry 🌱
    Cream Cheese and Tofu with Strawberry 🌱
  6. Zaru Udon 🌱
    Zaru Udon 🌱
  7. Kake Udon 🌱 vegetarian / Vegan options are avialble
    Kake Udon 🌱 vegetarian / Vegan options are avialble
  8. Sliced Beef Udon
    Sliced Beef Udon
  9. Avocado and Camembert Tempura Topped with Herbs 🌱
    Avocado and Camembert Tempura Topped with Herbs 🌱
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  1. Free Wifi
    You can use free wifi at Taiko Udon. Please ask staff for the password. You can charge your device using the sockets at the counter.
  2. English Menu
    English Menu
    We have an English menu available. On the tablet-menu you will find descriptions of the various dishes, along with photos to help you make your decision.
  3. Vegetarian Options
    We offer vegetarian/vegan options to our customers. Many of our dishes can also be altered to be vegetarian or vegan-friendly, so please clarify with our staff when you would like these changes made to your dish.
  4. Payment Options 
    At Taiko Udon you can pay via MasterCard, Visa, Cash, or Debit Card. Please head to the cashier at the front of the restaurant when you are ready to pay.
"Let's go to Taiko Udon"

want the response of customers to be “Let's go to Taiko Udon” when presented with the choice of various udon restaurants in Hiroshima.
Owner's Greetings
Taiko Udon was established in 1985 in Ujina, by my father. Over 30 years have passed since my father began working hard at the Ujina head office. Now, as the second generation in our family, I am working to serve my customers in the Nakamachi Taiko Udon restaurant.

My mission here is to provide our customers with the most delicious udon noodles, where customers come several times and leave saying “today’s noodles were even better than yesterday’s”. I want to make sure that every person who visits our restaurant leaves wanting to come again. I challenge myself on a daily basis to make this mission come true, whilst continuing to sustain the legacy that my father built.

My vision for the future is for Taiko Udon to be known through generations of Japanese people and global citizens, as the best loved udon restaurant in Hiroshima.

I want to ensure that we pursue this vision in our daily work. We would be delighted to have you at Taiko Udon, and we are sure that you will enjoy it so much that you will want to come again.

Thank you and kind regards,
Teruyuki Tani

Restaurant Owner

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